Protocol for Technology Serving the Elation of Humankind

2022: The stakes are too high

A vision of the future where a central AI is programmed by humans that see themselves as inferior to the machine, governing all aspects of civic life is far more alarming than we can imagine. Have you ever experienced feeling inferior toward a power figure in your life? Say your boss, your wife, your husband, your friend, and the more you interact with them the more you cringe. You so badly want to ravage them for having power over your life but because you feel so powerless, you eventually end up drowning in guilt, shame, and victimhood. Now take that feeling of inferiority and multiply it by infinity, that is your future governed by central AI programmed by people who feel secondary to the machine.

Dethrone AI, science, and technology and place the human on the pedestal

Placing AI, science, and technology on a pedestal is in the ether nowadays. It is in the air we breathe, in the media and programming we consume, in the food we digest, in the education system we get indoctrinated by, and in the casual conversations of our everyday lives. It has become the facia of human existence, covering each and every muscle of human thought.

Being defeated by the routine is to die day by day

Girl, I hear your thoughts: But this is the system, this is how it came and how it is going…You cannot fight the current. Anyone who tried to fight the system either perished or lost their credibility…Yeah OK but I am a single human being, how am I gonna ever make a difference? These questions are also products of a system that taught you to devalue yourself. My counterargument will be if you feel too small to make a difference, have you ever been stuck in a room with a mosquito? Or heard of David and Goliath? Or ever watched a science fiction film where one single human saves the entire human race from perishing? My favorite moment in film history is Cloud Atlas, from the ingenious Wachowskis and David Mitchell, when the Archivist asks Sonmi-451 why she tells the truth while no one listens, hears, or cares, and she replies, someone already does, instigating the Archivist himself. And later on, we learn that it has been the Archivist who started the dismantling of the system from within.

#1: Stop Our Fascination With Data

Picture: Sophia the robot

#2 Start a Fascination With the Power and Capacity of the Human

#3 Understand the Creator

#4 All Science is Spiritual

Picture: Kirlian photography

#5 Unified Physics

#6 A New Education system

Picture: Vortex mathematics

#7 Rewire Our DNA With Thought and Belief

#8 Start Wondering About Different Ways of Communication Other Than Language

Picture: Martijn, Ine Gevers’ youngest son

#9 AI to Start Supplying Us With Infinite Knowledge, Like a Cloud Network

Picture: Minoru Asada’s robots

#10: The Law of One Is the Only Answer

Art credit: Four Freedoms of Norman Rockwell by Hank Willis Thomas and Emily Shur



AI director, co-founder of Seyhan Lee. I write about provocative innovative intelligence and the confluence of science and spirit.

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Pinar Seyhan Demirdag

Pinar Seyhan Demirdag

AI director, co-founder of Seyhan Lee. I write about provocative innovative intelligence and the confluence of science and spirit.