Protocol for Technology Serving the Elation of Humankind

Pinar Seyhan Demirdag
14 min readMar 20, 2022


This protocol and action plan is first made public during my lecture at SXSW in 2022 with technology/art curator Ine Gevers.

Hello Medium, and hello world. This is Pinar. I am the co-founder of Seyhan Lee, a creative development company that specializes in the production of visually innovative AI content for film, marketing, immersive, and NFTs. I have been a multidisciplinary creator for 17 years and a technologist for 5 years. I am passionate about combining upscale art with the latest technologies to push the borders of provocative innovative intelligence.

I’ve been working with AI for 5 years and my desire to write this protocol stemmed from constantly hearing sentences in the industry such as AI is so powerful…Will AI replace my job?… This art is made by AI…When AI creates something, who owns the IP? Friends, let me translate the underlying feeling often at the core of these sentences: I am so powerless…I am useless…I am not creative…The tool is more valuable than my vision. Human family, what happened? When did we forget our majesty? When did we stop being in awe of the creation, the transcendental nature of the human, and started being in awe of tools that run on batteries?

2022: The stakes are too high

A vision of the future where a central AI is programmed by humans that see themselves as inferior to the machine, governing all aspects of civic life is far more alarming than we can imagine. Have you ever experienced feeling inferior toward a power figure in your life? Say your boss, your wife, your husband, your friend, and the more you interact with them the more you cringe. You so badly want to ravage them for having power over your life but because you feel so powerless, you eventually end up drowning in guilt, shame, and victimhood. Now take that feeling of inferiority and multiply it by infinity, that is your future governed by central AI programmed by people who feel secondary to the machine.

Just as our pilots go through extensive training before flying a plane. So should AI operators undergo training to ensure they are mentally and spiritually fit to “drive” AI. If a group of engineers and supervisors believe AI’s capacity is superior to humans, they will make sure to create an AI that proves that.

I do not blame us for not being able to always see the difference between right and wrong. Human lives are filled with dilemmas and they lack clarity. We can continue to love our spouse who constantly subjects us to verbal and physical abuse. We can be on a diet for 10 years and not lose a pound. We can hate our job while we continue being its slave. We can discover we have been wrong but we rather perpetuate the lie than accept we have been wrong all along. But this time it is different. The stakes are too high. When we win, we free humankind. When we lose, we become toys of AI.

This is how the future and AI have been marketed to humanity:

Unless we take drastic measures and change the way we think, the way we perceive ourselves, and the world around us, we will be no different from a genetically modified pepper in the supermarket by 2035.

The truth is that we have left timeless, ancestral wisdom behind, to live civilized yet lonely lives where we mistake being an individual with being human, and we are moving towards an era of being completely lost where machines will do all the thinking, and decision-making for us while we entertain ourselves, constantly mistaking escapism with being alive.

Dethrone AI, science, and technology and place the human on the pedestal

Placing AI, science, and technology on a pedestal is in the ether nowadays. It is in the air we breathe, in the media and programming we consume, in the food we digest, in the education system we get indoctrinated by, and in the casual conversations of our everyday lives. It has become the facia of human existence, covering each and every muscle of human thought.

When suggesting this dethroning, I do not mean to disregard the contribution of sciences and tech to the acceleration, easing, and heightening of human existence when used consciously. Without science, I would not be able to discern a difference between a man and a woman standing 2 feet away from me (I have myopia, not gender identification issues). Without AI I would not be able to drive to an unknown location with ease while beating traffic. And without technology, I would not be able to use a fork and knife (as utensils were once considered technology), dry my hair quickly, make coffee, create art, order food, communicate with my family overseas, the list is indefinite. But again, none of this merits ascendancy over me, the human.

If we are going to be in awe of something, why not start with human nature that we take for granted? Let’s start with women giving birth.

Let’s try an example using the creation of art instead of life. An artist conceives a work in her mind, unique to her artistic style, and in a couple of weeks/months manifests the work right before her eyes. So, as humans, we can conceptualize unique creations in our minds and manifest them in the material. No AI can do that. Yes, we are currently creating art with AI but it is the synthesis of the sum total of everything that the AI dataset has ever trained with, reshaped with the creative and artistic guidance of the human being. Or another example is a child, who grew up in poverty and suffered abusive parents who makes a pledge to himself that he will grow up to be a rich man who loves his children. No machine, nor AI can do that, supervised or not. No machine can come up with an outcome that did not involve its human-guided dataset. When placed this bluntly, we are actually talking about God’s miracle (the human) and a tool that runs on batteries (the machine).

Celebrating the machine, AI, and science, vs celebrating the human. I wish to ask my favorite question, who profits? Who profits from the machine, and the AI taking over the world? Who profits from science being valued higher than the power of the human, the power of the spirit? Who profits from humans devaluing themselves and constantly needing outside influences, like instant gratification, beauty, and medical products? Who profits from a sick society living in a constant state of division and quarrel?

The answer is not you, nor me. We do not profit from a society based on devaluing humans. But others do.

Being defeated by the routine is to die day by day

Girl, I hear your thoughts: But this is the system, this is how it came and how it is going…You cannot fight the current. Anyone who tried to fight the system either perished or lost their credibility…Yeah OK but I am a single human being, how am I gonna ever make a difference? These questions are also products of a system that taught you to devalue yourself. My counterargument will be if you feel too small to make a difference, have you ever been stuck in a room with a mosquito? Or heard of David and Goliath? Or ever watched a science fiction film where one single human saves the entire human race from perishing? My favorite moment in film history is Cloud Atlas, from the ingenious Wachowskis and David Mitchell, when the Archivist asks Sonmi-451 why she tells the truth while no one listens, hears, or cares, and she replies, someone already does, instigating the Archivist himself. And later on, we learn that it has been the Archivist who started the dismantling of the system from within.

Scientists have proven that the default motion of the universe is to expand. If you are not expanding, and you choose to be defeated to the routine, then not only are you are not aligned with the default motion of the universe, you are also mistaking being alive for breathing. That’s why 2022 is the most exciting time to be alive. It is the loudest wake-up call with no snooze option. The last U-turn from the slavery of the human race land. Your last phone-a-friend on the game show where you’ve run out of answers.

Ok but, then what? What do we do now? How do we change an entire system? How do we reprogram a society where technology, AI, and science are in the service of the elation and the elevation of humankind? How do we make sure we do not get lost in the escapism of the metaverse nor end up becoming toys of AI. Girl I got you. I have the answer. It is like anything else. You create a roadmap and execute it step by step. When you itemize the solutions, even if it is moving a mountain, it becomes easy.

That’s why I prepared a 10-step protocol (like a to-do list for humanity) followed by an action plan. All the quotes on the protocol are by conscious scientists, mathematicians, and physicists. (except #8 and #10, you’ll see why). Let’s dive right into it.

#1: Stop Our Fascination With Data

Picture: Sophia the robot

I use AI to make art and motion pictures. Even in our ultimate creative and artistic sector, we are in awe of the data in the art. While we can be amazed by many things about the artist who makes the art, are we fascinated by the tool? For me being fascinated with data is no different than being fascinated by a paintbrush. Another sector I am familiar with that is currently running upside-down is marketing and advertising. Nowadays CMOs insist on running creative ideas through data to avoid getting sacked when their ad flops. Because they can always hide behind the data. No Eiffel Tower could have been produced if the decision-making relied on data. I can hear the pitch: So we are going to erect this tower in the city. It will have no meaning, nor purpose, oh yeah, and it will be kind of be ugly but trust me it will become the staple of your country, will attract millions of tourists, and generate billions in revenue.

OK? Data is cool but can we please stop our fascination with the tool, or the brush and emphasize our fascination with the creative idea that uses that brush? This brings me to:

#2 Start a Fascination With the Power and Capacity of the Human

The beginning of this article covered a lot of step #2. Dr. Gates is an American physicist, whose search for the nature of reality led him to equations that are indistinguishable from equations that drive search engines and browsers. This genius physicist tells us that we, the human, become essential to the view of the universe in string theory, which merges quantum mechanics with Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Speaking of Einstein… we cannot have a protocol featuring the greatest physicist of all time, and not include him.

#3 Understand the Creator

The smartest man to ever live basically says in these two quotes that to call a coincidence a mistake or a haphazard is to miss the mark with God. When Einstein uses the word “God”, he does not mean an entity that concerns itself with the fates and actions of human beings. He means an order in nature; a big plan. A majestic mechanism that triumphs over all existence. The human mind is accustomed to division, judgment, and categorizing concepts as either con or pro according to the belief system of their tribe. Currently, we have the religious dogma tribe fighting the scientism tribe. While these two conduct a war, a new spiritual consciousness is being born, which brings me to #4.

#4 All Science is Spiritual

Picture: Kirlian photography

Nikolai Tesla has definitely been one of the most interesting souls to ever visit earth. The guy made it rain (not in dollars but in actual water), caused earthquakes, and brought free energy to humans with the alternate current — — yet humans instead chose to pay bills to General Electric, but that’s another story. He’s also credited with the invention and/or contribution to the invention of wifi, the radio, remote controls, the Tesla turbine, and many others. If this man said that all science is spiritual, I wholeheartedly believe in him. But how about the Newtonian science that all our education and medical and scientific establishments are based on? Of course, there is a certain truth in the mechanistic Newtonian worldview but as many have proven, it is not enough of a comprehensive worldview. This scientific model is old-fashioned. The way when there is a new car model, car companies stop advertising the old model and start marketing the new one? The time has come for science to drop the old model and start running with the new model. This is what #5 is all about.

#5 Unified Physics

Ah, don’t you love talking about quantum physics? Where particles behave differently when they are observed and not observed. Something can be both wave and particle. Objects can be in two places at once. When you teach one monkey, the rest of the monkeys learn even though they were not directly taught. Scientists have proven that if an atom is as big as a football stadium, a nucleus is as small as a pea, making the rest of the most “solid” structure of Newtonian physics actually not be solid but made up of waves, frequency, and vibration. Why are we perpetuating a scientific model of the universe that has proven to not be enough? It’s because the other spectrum, quantum physics, is way too wonky to make sense of to the typical human mind. But a unified theory of both worlds exists. Actually, Einstein started working on it but could not finish it. Currently, Nassim Haramein is teaching Unified Physics at his school Resonance Science. I urge our education system to heed his many insights.

#6 A New Education system

Picture: Vortex mathematics

Shakuntala Devi is known as the human-computer. In 1980, she correctly multiplied two 13-digit numbers in just 28 seconds. If she tells us that we have a twisted understanding of education we should pay attention. When she speaks of widening our knowledge and absorbing the truth about life, she is not talking about philosophizing, she means the biggest mysteries of life, the death of the ego, and the birth of the wisdom-consciousness ceremonies of ancient cultures.

So we have Mr. Earthquake who told us back in the 1800s that we all have the power to be Dr. Strange and rewire ourselves. It cannot be said that manipulating matter according to my will isn’t part of my human potential. Yet I spent a childhood guessing between A, B, C, or D. What lies in my human potential that is not part of my education? Take a wild guess, rewiring my DNA? Welcome to #7.

#7 Rewire Our DNA With Thought and Belief

If I am the one who introduces you to Bruce Lipton, I may have completed my life’s mission because your life will never be the same after reading his book, The Biology Of Belief: Unleashing The Power Of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles. In it, he explains that our DNA does not define who we are, but we define our DNA with who we believe we are: “A person’s perception, not genetic programming, is what spurs all action in the body: It’s actually our beliefs that select our genes, that select our behavior.”

A human race that knows that they themselves have the power to find all cures, all answers, and all manifestations will begin to program technology, and science to be solely in service of humankind.

#8 Start Wondering About Different Ways of Communication Other Than Language

Picture: Martijn, Ine Gevers’ youngest son

#8 and #9 of this protocol are contributions by technology/art curator Ine Gevers. The word “intermezzo” means interlude between two major acts. It symbolizes the in-between states of mind we humans do not understand yet, the ones that instead of paying attention to, we label invalid! Ine has 2 autistic sons. Martijn, who cannot speak yet, communicates with Ine in ways she explains are less limited than language. Our entire technology and science grit are based on the common understanding that spoken and written language is the optimal means of communication between humans. What if we are wrong? What if there are more ways, like feelings and telepathy?

#9 AI to Start Supplying Us With Infinite Knowledge, Like a Cloud Network

Picture: Minoru Asada’s robots

I read one non-fiction book a week. Recently that book was 2150 AD by Thea Alexander. Among everything I have ever read, this fiction book is my favorite of all time. It is the best spiritual science fiction ever written. Wait. What? I have never read any other fiction book so how can I say such a thing? Anyways you get the point. 2150 AD describes a reality based on a higher dimension of human existence where the point of living is self-actualization, where humans are healthier, run faster, are telepathic, and where unconditional love governs all aspects of their lives. In that book, AI exists as a cloud network like Asada describes, ready to answer all human questions and their quest for expanding their minds and awareness.

In 2022, we have many uses of AI including making corporate empires more money, widening the gap between the rich and the poor, mass surveillance, and the social credit system. None of this sounds wise, nor unifying. Technology when not coupled with wisdom is detrimental to humans. Look at atomic fission, it was marketed to humans as the nuclear energy solution for large populations but ended up becoming the atomic bomb. The time has come for us to find a new use for AI, serving to unite and facilitate communication and understanding between humans. This brings me to #10. The last yet most important message of this protocol.

#10: The Law of One Is the Only Answer

Art credit: Four Freedoms of Norman Rockwell by Hank Willis Thomas and Emily Shur

It was Derya, my spiritual teacher, who woke me up, and taught me that I was living in a state of deep sleep, remote-controlled by my subconscious. She teaches The Law of One, in other words, that we all are one and a whole. Each time I clash with my loving life and business partner Gary, or when a person at work boils my blood, or a random stranger gets under my skin, she tells me that I have yet to understand the Law of One. When we understand that we come from the same source and that all our unique perspectives are outlets and manifestations of the same source, all wars and fights will end. She tells me that humans use their differences as underlying reasons to compete and fight but the moment we wake up to the fact that our differences are our wealth, all wars will end.

#10 is the most important step of this protocol because until we stop fighting ourselves and each other, all tools, all inventions, and all technology we give birth to one way or another will end up being used in the service of humans in conflict with one and another. The problem is not the tool, it is the minds that use the tool.

This is it from me. Thank you for reading. Look forward to my next post, Chapter II of this article, where I’ll propose a 4 step in social and civic grit where humanity prospers and technology serves the elation of humankind.



Pinar Seyhan Demirdag

AI director, co-founder of Seyhan Lee. I write about provocative innovative intelligence and the confluence of science and spirit.