How will humans remain relevant in the age of AI and Dall-E 2?

Credit: Prafulla Dhariwal
Credit: Andrew Mayne. Made with Open AI’s Dall-E 2. Textual prompt “a raccoon astronaut with the cosmos reflecting on the glass of his helmet dreaming of the stars”

Understanding the law of attraction is the salvation of humanity.

In 2016, I went through a real existential crisis. Losing all the money in my bank account, my work partner, my boyfriend, my health, and I was forced to leave Paris where I used to live, and moved into my mother’s house in Istanbul. After a full year of a downward spiral, my life changed when I met my spiritual teacher Derya in 2018. She taught me the power of the spirit, the inner mechanics of my subconscious, and how to live my life by way of the power of attraction to get back the power of my life into my hands. I used to envy others and constantly felt anxious that I was not loved, wanted, welcomed, accepted, or compensated correctly; only to realize that the only person who did not love me was myself, and the rest of the world was only the mirror of my own belief system.

Subconscious?! What? How does that work?

The Pixar animation Inside Out portrays the workings of the subconscious and its effect on our lives in the most simple and easy-to-understand manner. Riley, the main character, has a bunch of people living inside her head. These characters symbolize the different tones of the mind chatter we constantly hear inside our heads. “You are not enough”, “This is gonna be amazing”, “I am so gonna fail” and “I am so lucky” are just a few. One of these characters is Joy, who is responsible for keeping it together inside Riley's mind's headquarters, symbolizing that joy and love is the force that holds us together, and not anger, anxiety, or disgust. Each time Riley has an experience, like moving into a new city, it gets to be created as a memory, visualized in the form of crystal balls, restored inside large cities made of buildings full of crystal balls. This is our subconscious. Especially between the ages of 0–16 the words we hear from our parents, the experiences we live, and our observation of society become a crystal ball inside the subconscious megacomplex inside our mind.

Credit: Inside Out — Disney/Pixar
Credit: Wojciech Zaremba. Made with Open AI’s Dall-E. Textual prompt: “A bowl of soup that is a portal to another dimension as digital art

Instead of worrying will AI steal my job, “How will I remain relevant in the Age of AI” is the question we shall ask ourselves

World Economic Forum published the top 10 skills of 2025 in the job market. It includes analytical thinking, innovation, active learning, complex problem solving, creativity, originality, leadership, flexibility, and problem-solving. In other words, if your job can be replaced by a dataset that can come up with productions, answers, and solutions, it is time to re-evaluate your professional life. I know how hard it can be to internalize this. After all, being prisoners of our routine is our default software. Blaming others, including AI, for our miseries has been too comfortable. For a judgemental mind, there is nothing more agonizing than being forced to open itself up to new perspectives.



AI director, co-founder of Seyhan Lee. I write about provocative innovative intelligence and the confluence of science and spirit.

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Pinar Seyhan Demirdag

Pinar Seyhan Demirdag

AI director, co-founder of Seyhan Lee. I write about provocative innovative intelligence and the confluence of science and spirit.