Five actionable tips to start using generative A.I. in client briefs

Pinar Seyhan Demirdag
4 min readDec 12, 2022


I have written this article to inspire agencies, creatives, and brands looking to incorporate generative A.I. into their ideation processes. The advent of creative A.I. can be likened to the invention of photography. It is a complete creative revolution where the most challenging tasks become the easiest.

Generated by the Midjourney user Batek

In the times ahead, every creative industry will be challenged. Those who adopt early will be the winners of tomorrow. Our company, Seyhan Lee, prepared a comprehensive course on how to ideate for client briefs by using generative A.I., which we provide as a service. In this article, I'll reveal a small part of that presentation to help creatives working with brands think of new ideas.

“Make it an animation!” No need to toss the option of animation because there is not enough time/budget

Generative A.I. tools enable turning any still or footage into an animation. This is a rather sophisticated process. Our team is currently working towards perfecting their skills in A.I. animation. In the following weeks, we’ll publish our R&D. Until then, please review the samples below.

Hugging Face


With text-to-image generative A.I. tools, you can experiment with co-branding concepts. The examples below show the unlikely scenario of Louboutin partnering with Peaky Blinders. What would be your dream co-branding partnership? Burberry and FedEx? Netflix and Turkish Airlines? Paris Saint Germain and Fortnite?

Concept generations by Mille_Anes Midjourney user

…or Lego x Louis Vuitton?

Concept generations by Matthieu Lorrain

Custom maps, location-sensitive activations, hyper spacial videos

There is a fantastic idea for a super-cool brand, ready to be unlocked with NeRFs. Neural Radiance Field (NeRF) is the latest addition to the mind-bending generative A.I. universe—fully connected neural networks that can produce 3D views from 2D photos. It interpolates input pictures to generate a whole scene.

Miguel Bander used stills from a video by Phil Holland to render this birds-eye NYC scene with Luma Labs.

Let your customers make next-level cinematography captures of your product with their cellphones at home, or use NeRFs for video-game-style outputs while remaining within budget.

Ethan Newberry — using Luma Labs

Harness the power of community

If you are working with a product that has the potential for customization, like a beverage bottle, shoe, or t-shirt, this one is for you! Parallel processors and artificial neural networks are making it easier for people to develop new ideas. Text-to-image models like Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion show us that an unawakened creator lies within us. If you want to see it yourself, type “Nike Midjourney” on LinkedIn and watch the community yearning to design their shoes.

Concepts for Nike sneakers generated by Seyhan Lee

The generative A.I. creative community is yearning not only to design their own products, but also to insert themselves in their dream ads.

A collage of images found on the Midjourney community

Metamorphose into your role model

This sample below is still one of my favorite generative A.I. experiments made by Johannes Saam, our dear friend and counselor who is an Academy Award-winning VFX artist. It shows you generative A.I.’s agility in turning you, or anyone for that matter, into their heroes, role models, and spirit guides. For those that are wondering technically, yes, it looks similar to Deep Fakes, but it is not the same technology.

Johannes Saam

I've been immersed in the world of generative A.I. for the past five years. During these years, I have realized that, while co-creating with A.I., novel doors of ideation have opened in my mind. Me and our team are extremely passionate about showing and teaching others how to co-create with machines that were trained on terabytes of data. If you want your agency to be well versed in the A.I. creative revolution, please get in touch with us to book an education session:

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