Consciousness explained to engineers

Illustration made by Seyhan Lee by using Dall-E 2

Not all sensory knowledge is science

The science we think of from our days in school is the science of a physical world. Frog experiments and the smell of cold lab tables = science. It’s no surprise that we grow up to be more reliant upon what is observable. That we recognize concepts of “limit” and “material”. And that we even create our very lives around what looks possible. The way we choose a profession, the way we nurture our children, and the way we socialize are all based on the limitations of the materialistic world. We choose schools based on a professional material system instead of the way they might educate us in the spiritual arts. We give each other material gifts to celebrate happiness. We position materially wealthy people as superior to those without material goods. We “have fun” by buying things and call it “retail therapy”. We socialize using attire and showcase it all in the material spaces of restaurants and country clubs. It’s all limited to what is physical.

The Strainer Metaphor

What shrinks the holes of our strainer?

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it Fate”. Carl Yung changed my life with this one sentence and since 2017, I’ve worked with a teacher to make that which is unconscious. She’s helping me bring forth what is stored deep in the subterranean chambers of my psyche. The subconscious is a filing cabinet that records major life moments in our childhood and teenage years to morph our minds into believing that these experiences define who we are, define our perception of the world and shape our character.

Left: NFT Sunday Service: New Beginnings by Seyhan Lee
Scy Heidekamp of Seyhan Lee helped me write this code

What enlarges the holes of our strainer?

There really is one easy step! Unconditional love for the self which naturally flows into unconditional love for everything in existence. Only that one answer with no room for interpretation but with a variety of different ways to get there. The journey of loving oneself has no date/time limitations nor precise geolocation. Until our last breath, we can always learn to love ourselves more. In other words, we can enlarge the holes of our strainers so much that we can make the holes of the strainer completely disappear.

Illustration made by Seyhan Lee by using Dall-E 2

The syntax of consciousness

Those who are familiar with the basic principles of coding know that even though there are several different coding languages (Python, C++, PHP, JavaScript, etc.) there are certain fundamentals that are common to all languages. Like abstraction, sequencing, control, and data structures. If we want to get the desired result, we need to remain creative within the guiding principles of general coding and the specific coding language we are using. Just like coding has fundamental principles, consciousness has its own as well. The more we are familiar with them, the more we get to access the cheat codes in our evolution journey.



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Pinar Seyhan Demirdag

Pinar Seyhan Demirdag

AI director, co-founder of Seyhan Lee. I write about provocative innovative intelligence and the confluence of science and spirit.