7 jobs that technology rendered obsolete (#5 is the funniest!)

Pinar Seyhan Demirdag
6 min readNov 4, 2022
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This one is a little lighter than the rest of my articles, and I want to make us all laugh while recognizing that change is a regular aspect of life. Our frame of perception influences how we understand change. When working with A.I. and other modern technologies, it is up to us whether we become those who “lost their job” or those who “discovered a new career and a new purpose in life.”

Since we use A.I. in practically every field, the issue of “Will A.I. steal my job for me?” has become a prevalent concern among the general public. Regular readers of my blog know that I write to alleviate artificial intelligence worries and misconceptions. Will some occupations become obsolete? Definitely! Will new employment possibilities emerge? Absolutely! and in abundance. The basic principles of spirituality and quantum physics remind us that we are vibrational beings. What we believe becomes what we think, which becomes what we vibe, which manifests our reality. In this light, our concerns become omens for our darkest nightmares to come true.

This article serves as a reminder that technology has always rendered jobs obsolete; this is not a new phenomenon. Meanwhile, it created numerous job opportunities for technically skilled individuals as well as individuals with diverse talents. For example, my business partner Gary Koepke and I run Seyhan Lee. Our team members are fantastic at writing code, putting it into action, and creating visually stunning experiences. Am I able to read the code language(s)? Absolutely not. There is no distinction between code and Chinese in my mind. Similarly abstract. Before I discovered A.I., I was an artist. I didn’t let “A.I. take over my job”; instead, I studied generative art and founded a company that implements generative A.I. in movies. I noticed an opportunity. Running a business may not be your thing, but the point is that you are the only one who can write your destiny. Your reaction to what is happening today shapes your reality for the future. Now let’s have some fun!

#1 Human computers

In 1949, the picture below was an actual photo of the woman who worked in NASA’s computer department as a computer herself. Human computers would calculate things like how many rockets it would take to get an…

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